Il Salento

Salento is a magical place, where traditions of the past and the ancient culture of the earth mix with the creativity and vitality of today. We stay in the sun, lying in the middle of the sea and swept by the wind. The rain is low and the sun is felt, but the dirt is good and the crops selected over the centuries have been able to adapt and grow generously.

This is where our history is born, during countryside perfumed Sundays, where we learned the religion of good food and good company.
Salento’s cuisine is made firstly with vegetables, as well as legumes, cheese and little meat. Good extra vergin olive oil, the pillar of the Mediterranean diet, with which we cook and preserve all of our products.

Real and simple ingredients, which are the soul of an ancient territory. This history we tell in our recipes, which nowadays spread from Salento into the rest of the world.

You do not know the South,
The houses of limestone,
From which we came into the sun,
Like numbers,
From the face of a die
– Vittorio Bodini, 1947

The big pots on the terraces
and smoke from the chimneys
in the light they glaze.
Vittorio Bodini, 1952

Vittorio Bodini (1914 – 1970) Lecce, poet with extreme sensitivity, supreme singer of a mythical South, ancestral, but at the same time limiting and frustrating. His verses are among the best products of the Southern poetry of the twentieth century.

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