Perché ci credo is a production company that offers a wide range of traditional products: gravies, sauces, dressings and jams, bringing intense flavours and unique aromas of fresh product No preservatives are allowed in our recipes, as well as any additives or artificial coloring. Our products are prepared according to our old traditional passion and care which you will recognize at first taste.

However, at Perchè ci credo nothing is being done like it once used to!

As of matter fact, it’s over 20 years now since Enrico De Lorenzo has been working as a consultant with major food companies in Italy and the experience he gained in this field has enabled him, at the end of 2007, to translate the research and development accumulated in his laboratory, into a real production company.

This is how Perchè ci credo was born, with a mission to reconcile taste and excellent craftsmanship with modern market requirements, proposing innovative recipes with all due respect to the great Mediterranean culinary tradition..



“Perché ci credo, “because I believe in it”: they always ask me why?
I know it’s not an usual name for a food company, but it’s the passion I feel for my products;
I believe in finely chopped onion when meets genuine olive oil, in the pan;
I believe in red crushed tomatoes and in red wine, and in the joyful mix of flavours of rich peppers and delicate zucchini;
I think this is a simple pleasure we should not renounce to, not even in a jar.
That’s why … I believe in it!”